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Have you backed up your data lately?

Unfortunately we operate under the premise that bad things don't happen to us, it's always the "other" guy but that can lead to very serious consequences especially when it comes to our business. Failure to backup even on a semi-regular basis leaves us without anything to fall back on.

Think about what conspires against your business besides your competition! Software crashes, failed hardware, viruses, ransomware and malware, to name a few. Computer hardware today is far more efficient than it's ever been. But devices still fail. Time and heat work against your components. Eventually something will fail.

The same can be said for anti-virus programs. Even though more than a few companies maintain active monitoring of the internet to head off any virus out-breaks, viruses still occur! As long as your virus program is running and up to date viruses shouldn't be an issue. But is your software up to date and running…on all of your computers?

Malware and Ransomware on the other hand are mostly self-inflected. It's usually "delivered" by your employees or staff visiting questionably web sites or, as in the case of ransomware, opening email that contains a link. With malware, once delivered it's only a matter of time before pop-ups and advertisements begin to flood your computer screen or email. With ransomware it's even worse. An encryption program runs through your computer changing your most important files to unreadable mush! If you want your data back…pay up! Most ransomware programs have a time limit with which to pay or your "key", the way to unlock your information, is gone forever.

We haven't even touched upon failed updates that cause software crashes or employees just playing around and "something happened and the computer stopped working!!" With all this working against your business backing up the computer is one of the simplest and easiest things to do. It can save you money and only requires a small amount of time and effort.

Do yourself a favor…backup now!