Driver's License Scanner

Exclusive to Total Rental is the addition of a Drivers License Scanner, which will take adding customers into the future. This technology uses Optical Character Recognition to dramatically reduce the level of mistakes when adding customers into the system. For more information about how this interacts with the Total Rental system follow this link: Total Rental Drivers License Module. To purchase the scanner follow the instructions below.

IDScan - an easy to use drivers license card scanning system, which provides both a scanned image and a text file containing demographic information extracted from the card via Optical Character Recognition (OCR).  Drivers license images can be captured in a variety of image file formats (BMP, JPEG and more).  Automatic scanning will scan the card as soon as its placed into the scanner.  The system is designed to work seamlessly with Total Rental. All states currently supported. For further information visit the manufacturer at Card Scanning Solutions.

Card Scanning Solutions provides a special discounted price for Market Line Computers customers to purchase IDScan.

Click here to order IDScan at the discounted price of $405.00 + $14.95 S&H